Master of real estate, Apsys applies a creative touch to its whole range of activities: each project is a « hand-made » realisation, thought to reveal the DNA and the potential of each town, each district and facilitate its ownership by visitors.


Property projects are formidable drivers for rethinking, regenerating and supporting the development of cities. With a wealth of experience in creating urban and commercial polarities, Apsys has an ambitious, multi-functional and open vision of the city, paying special attention to public spaces, drivers of « living together », and to new urban and societal uses. Bordeaux Saint-Jean future multi-faceted and lively district at the heart of Bordeaux, is fully in line with this new approach of urbanity.

Bordeaux_ Perspective aerienne 2 Apsys projet Bordeaux Saint Jean


Key element of success for new or newly transformed districts, new mixed-used urban centres create beating hearts, attractive and federating, mixing functions (housing, offices, hotel, shops, services and leisure), providing cities with new lively and generous public spaces, attracting a plurality of users. In Caen, Les Rives de l’Orne became the extension of the city centre and a bridge between the historical district and the train station. In Metz, Muse, multifunctional urban complex (80 000 sqm), is alongside with the Centre Pompidou Metz the figurehead of the new Amphitheatre district wanted by Metz elected officials as the extension of he city centre and th spearhead of a vibrant and inclusive city!

Logements Frequel by LAN-Rive De L'orne Caen by Valode et Pistre apsys


Manufaktura, Łódź-Pologne – Apsys

Each town, each district comes with a heritage that we endeavour to highlight in a subtle balance between history and modernity. Those who wish to respect the past must also think of the future: sustainable development is the focus of all of our attention. In our eyes, a project must be sustainable and beneficial for all. This is evidenced by Manufaktura in Lodz in Poland. Built in magnificent textile factories full of history, Manufaktura has changed the destiny of the city and has restored pride and prospects for its residents. At Saint-Martin d’Hères, Neyrpic will be a vibrant, diverse place where shopping, leisure, sport, culture and nature will be intrinsically linked.On the site of the old hydraulic equipment factories to which it owes its name.


Mishandled for many years, city entrances have a direct impact on the quality of life of territories and cities’s image. On these « key places » Apsys has an ambitious, architectural vision of the city, like the project Steel which redesigns the main entrance to the city of Saint-Etienne; respecting itslandscape and its title of « Unesco City of Design ».

Steel, Saint-Etienne - Apsys - Retail Park



At a time when e-commerce is growing exponentially, more than ever shopping locations have to surprise and enchant ever-more nomadic and versatile consumers. Our trademark? Coming up with completely new concepts and innovative product mixes that borrow from every walk of life and meet the needs and desires of visitors. Beaugrenelle, the 21st-century department store in Paris, or Posnania in Poznan (Poland), packed with the latest innovations in the field of retail and lifestyle shopping, reflect perfectly our creative vision of retail. Both were awarded, among other trophies, Best New European Shopping Centre by the ICSC.


10 Rue de Solferino Cours Apsys G. Le Bras

Restoring such an emblematic place while injecting a lot of modernity in it implies both delicacy and ambition. To renovate the 10 rue de Solférino, building laden with history, from private mansion of the de Broglie’s family to historical headquarters of the Parti Socialiste Français for thirty years, Apsys applies all its knowledge as master of real estate, writing a new chapter in the history of this iconic place built during the XVIIIst century.