What’s our motto for the future ? 10 beliefs mixing retail fundamentals, new uses and Apsys’ founding principles to provide a completely new consumer experience.

1. Symbiosis

Identifying the DNA of locations, the aspirations of citizens, the ambition of public stakeholders, the gaps to be filled; accommodating local business talents to develop concepts that are 100% “made in here”, deeply rooted in their local community, accessible and close, boosting the local economy and improving the quality of life. Only places with a soul, meaning and a certain uniqueness are able to come together as a community and create a sense of belonging.

2. Mixity

Experience diversity and different combinations! Breathing life into diverse places that encourage synergies and new uses: shopping, restaurants and cafés, leisure, culture, services and even nature… No more zoning, the new urban life brings together, in the same place, everything that adds the spice of life to the city: shops, residential, hotels, offices, leisure, spaces and public facilities… The objective: to meet the expectations of ever-more-mobile consumers and citizens.

3. Excellence

More than ever, to banish mediocrity: as stated in the famous adage, retail is detail! Seeking excellence in everything: architecture, design, retail, visitors services, online and offline shopping, events and activities. There is one way we achieve this: by bringing together the best talents (architects, designers, experts…) around a shared ambition : making life and cities more beautiful together

4. Environmental responsibility

At the heart of our priorities are the harmonious insertion of our projects in their local environment, improving energy performance and reducing energy expenditure. From the very first sketches, BREEAM, HQE and Diversity certifications and labels become an integral part of developing each project and are also targeted for our sites in operation.


5. Human at heart

Designing places for the men and women who frequent them; taking into account their diversity; giving each visitor a seamless and constantly new experience (thanks in particular to pop-up stores); developing customer knowledge to continuously improve the value of our locations ad their capacity to meet the public expectations.

6. Agility

Anticipting new uses, accommodating new forms of living / working / shopping / having fun, sourcing the players and consumer concepts and habits of tomorrow, thinking ahead the changing nature of spaces: sustainability requires agility!

7. Emotion

Offering surprise, discovery, sharing and amusement; in brief, creating emotion by giving visitors an Experience with a capital E! It is shopping’s number one vocation: with the development of digital technology, which offers undeniable functional qualities, this “enchanting” dimension is ever more important for high-street shopping and for any place.

8. Innovation

The transformation in lifestyles and uses strongly affects cities and retail. To respond to these mutations, we put innovation at the heart of our approach through Apsys Lab. Based on disruptive innovation and challenging status quo, its vocation is to impulse tomorrow’s solutions and upgrade our operations to « Iconic Places » – vectors of strong experiences and « good living » together.

9. Phygitality

Behind this phrase is the belief that physical and digital retail complement each other in the service of a fully omni-channel visitor experience. At the heart of Apsys Lab’s reflections (our internal innovation incubator) is the desire to make lives easier for consumers, to optimise their journey, create strong links with them and to support the appeal of our brands thanks to suitable platforms (no digital washing!).


10. Co-Creation

Bringing together, since the conceptual phase, public actors, citizens, visitors, trade partners and other stakeholders, promoting day to day creativity and then creating stimulating and fertiles ecosystems for the common good. The biggest success are always the collective ones!