Apsys is a family business, run by Maurice Bansay, founding President, and Fabrice Bansay, Group CEO, supported by a team of experienced professionals.

Maurice BANSAY_Apsys

Founding President

Fabrice BANSAY_Apsys

Group CEO


Yves Cadelano

Apsys France CEO

AGACHE François_Apsys

François Agache

 Deputy Managing Director Development & Projects

Antoine GOILLANDEAU_Apsys (Franck Guyomard)

Antoine Goillandeau

Deputy Managing Director Development & Projects

Céline POIX_Apsys

Céline Poix

Deputy Managing Director Leasing & Specialty Leasing

Manuel TESSIER_Apsys (Franck Guyomard)

Manuel Tessier

Secretary General & Deputy Managing Director Asset Management

Claire VANDROMME_Apsys (Franck Guyomard)

Claire Vandromme

Deputy Managing Director Finance

BOUTBOUL Nathalie Legal Director Apsys

Nathalie Boutboul

Legal Director

Eléonore VILLANUEVA_(Franck Guyomard)

Eléonore Villanueva

Marketing, Communication & CSR Director


Benoit Charles

Benoît Charles

Apsys Polska CEO

Marek Błędowski

Marek Błędowski

Vice-president /Head of Commercial Department

Justyna Kur

Justyna Kur

Vice-president / Head of Property and Rental Management

Piotr Madzurek

Piotr Madzurek

Vice-president/ Chief Financial Officer

Maciej Wroblewski

Maciej Wróblewski

Vice Président