mars 2, 2018


Stéphane de Faÿ, Chief Executive of Bordeaux Euratlantique, and Maurice Bansay, Apsys’ Chairman, will present Bordeaux Saint-Jean, the new iconic operation of Apsys, as part of a conference, organized on the 14th of March at 16:00 p.m on the stand of Magnetic Bordeaux (P-1, D1) at the Mipim. Bordeaux Saint-Jean creates a news urban ideal, […]

décembre 19, 2017

Beaugrenelle Paris certified BREEAM In-Use Excellent

Beaugrenelle Paris, the inescapable adress of Parisan’s shopping, has just been certified BREAAM In-Use Excellent. Beaugrenelle Paris stood out from the crowd, in particular for its performances linked to the buildind and its equipments, but also for its management and its place’s management. The BREAAM Excellent In-Use certification rewards Beaugrenelle Paris’ strong engagement in favor […]

novembre 22, 2017

Muse’s Opening : a crowd of Metz’s inhabitants was there !

Yesterday, at the end of the official inauguration, a human tide came into the alleys of the Apsys’ new iconic realisation: Muse, located in Metz, in front of the Centre Pompidou. Welcomed in a festive atmosphere for an exceptionnal shopping night, visitors discovered Muse‘s attractive offer (Uniqlo, Carrefouf Market, Boulanger le Comptoir, Superdry, Flying Tiger […]

novembre 15, 2017

Bordeaux Saint-Jean, the Apsys’ new iconic operation.

Located in the most trendy city in the world (according to the Lonely Planet 2017 rating), Bordeaux Saint-Jean creates a new urban ideal, nearby to the eponyme train station: a mutlifaceted, inclusive and animated neighbourhood connecting functions (living, working, sharing, shopping) and anticipates new uses. Designed by Maison Edouard François, the project’s architecture, both audacious […]

novembre 14, 2017

iFLY rewarded at the MAPIC

iFLY World received the Mapic Award of the best retailtainment concept in a shopping centre. Congratulations to the whole iFLY team for this deserved award ! Thanks to the iFLY but also to the movie theatre Pathé IMAX 4DX and the hyper spaced amusement park Yoo Moov Stations, Vill’Up propose a unique leisure and thrills […]

novembre 7, 2017

Eden’s works are launched

Apsys launches works of Eden, a pedestrian, green and human scaled promenade, for an opening in Spring 2019. Located in a very dynamic Seine-et-Marne’s area, this new shopping and leisures destination of 58 commercial unities (on 35 000 GLA SQM), adheres to the Grand Paris’ provided networking and is complementary to the 20 000 SQM […]

septembre 28, 2017

Laying of Steel’s first stone

The first Steel‘s stone has been layed on Wednesday, Septembre 27th in Saint-Etienne, in attendance of Jack Arthaud (Chief Executive of Saint-Etienne’s Public Development Establishment), Evence Richard (Loire’s Prefect), Marc Chavanne (Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds’ Mayor), Maurice Bansay (Apsys’ Chairman) and Gaël Perdriau (Saint Etienne’s Mayor and Saint-Etienne Metropole’s Chairman) (from the left to the right on the […]