mai 11, 2017

Muse at Metz’s job fair

A few month before its opening, Muse will participate at the job fair organized by the city of Metz on May 16th. Are planned 800 jobs opening, including 250 only for the Primark group. Figurehead of the Amphitéâtre district in Metz, Muse will have 112 shops and restaurants since Autumn 2017.

avril 24, 2017

Beaugrenelle made a commitment to WWF France

For the 2nd consecutive year, Beaugrenelle Paris supports WWF France by proposing to sensitize the public about the deforestation and the fragility of species in danger. After a big exhibition of paper mate pandas last year, the 2017 edition will propose to the public to enter into a world of .. folded paper ! From […]

avril 13, 2017

Bertrand Seguin becomes Muse’s director

After a first experience in distribution in Auchan, Bertrand Seguin integrated in 2000 the Fnac Group as department manager. Then he took the position of regional coordinator before becoming in 2009 a Fnac store manager in Nancy, then in Metz. In 2013, he took the direction of the shopping centre Saint-Jacques Metz (Klépierre Management). Specialised […]

avril 10, 2017

Ruban Bleu’s great dynamic

With more the 3,5 millions of visitors in 2016, Ruban Bleu confirms its great dynamic. Three new brands just opened : LPIII, an independent clothing shop already knowed by the Saint-Nazaire’s inhabitants which just expands its man collection, BChef – a premium fast food brand specialised in bagels, burgers and salads, and the very expected […]

mars 29, 2017

Colorfull Beaugrenelle

Once again, Beaugrenelle made a punchy operation for the new collections launching ! For the occasion, Beaugrenelle gave carte blanche to Serge Bensimon to color the place and immerse us in his colorfull universe. Are planned : a Bensimon pop-up store with some brand products and workshops to customize thoose famous shoeses, colorimetry workshop, flash […]

mars 2, 2017


Muse opening is coming soon ! On the worksite, everything is starting to take shape so that the brands can start their works by the end of April. Decoration works are just beginning… Two out of seven cranes have been removed, which clearly shows that the opening is approaching…Discover the worksite HERE

février 23, 2017


On the occasion of the Biennale Internationale Design, taking place from 9 March to 9 April 2017 in Saint-Etienne, France, the design studio Joran Briand Associés will present as part of an exhibition at the Saint-Etienne Tourist Office: the Steel shopping-centre development featuring spectacular architecture, led by Apsys, and the aluminium mantilla structure specially created […]

janvier 28, 2017


The Jury of the “CEE Retail Awards 2016” rewarded Posnania as the best shopping centre of 2016, this is the 4th award won by Apsys’ new Polish flagship. Posnania already welcomed more than 3.5 millions of visitors since its opening in October 2016. Moreover, Apsys Polska won in the category “Retail Developer of the Year”. […]