septembre 13, 2022


CANOPIA is a major urban transformation project led by Apsys in close collaboration with the EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique. It aims to create a mixed, lively and virtuous district in the heart of Bordeaux that combines functions (housing, offices, hotels, services and shops), anticipates new uses (mobility, lifestyles and work) and makes ambitious environmental commitments, thus embodying the city of tomorrow.

Designed by Maison Edouard François, the project’s architecture, both contemporary and respectful of Bordeaux’s history, makes a strong gesture: the creation of a vegetated pedestrian axis to link Bordeaux station and the Garonne and develops generous public spaces, particularly along the river banks, which it continues to develop with the creation of a 2-hectare park by the EPA.

Thanks to the abundant presence of plants in the open ground, the district will be a green and fresh counterpoint to the mineral beauty of the stone facades, an island of coolness in the city of Bordeaux.

CANOPIA, the new name of the Bordeaux Saint-Jean project, was presented by Maurice Bansay, Chairman and Founder of Apsys, today at a press conference in Bordeaux, which was also attended by: Wolf Stolpner, CCI Bordeaux Gironde; Edouard François, architect, Maison Edouard François; Valérie LASEK, Director General of EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique; and Pierre HURMIC, Mayor of Bordeaux.