mai 24, 2022


Faced with the major transformation and adaptation challenges facing cities, territories and communities, Apsys, a committed urban player, has defined a proactive CSR strategy for 2019 based on three pillars – co-constructing the resilient city, fostering inclusion and local economic development, and driving a dynamic of change among its various stakeholders – and three levers – environmental excellence, responsible programming, and the societal commitment of assets and projects.

The publication of a first CSR report for 2021 marks a new stage in this commitment. As a symbol of the growing importance of its CSR strategy, Apsys presents in this book the main lines of its approach and gives a concrete overview of the actions carried out in all its fields of activity and in its two countries (France and Poland).

Although producing a CSR report was not a regulatory obligation for Apsys, this non-financial report was born of the desire of the teams to have a tool for measuring and monitoring the actions carried out, so as to optimize Apsys’ environmental, societal and social performance, with a view to continuous progress. With this report, which gives them ample opportunity to speak, Apsys is highlighting the many initiatives undertaken by its employees in France and Poland.

« We are particularly proud of this first report, which perfectly embodies the DNA of Apsys, a family-owned company with a long-standing commitment to creating a more pleasant and sustainable city for everyone. This extra-financial report reflects the involvement of the teams in France and Poland who deploy this strategy with dedication. It is also a key tool for monitoring our CSR commitments and continuing to increase their impact, » said Maurice Bansay, Chairman and Founder of Apsys, and Eléonore Villanueva, Marketing, Communication and CSR Director.

Click here to access the Apsys 2021 CSR report!

In 2022, Apsys will continue to ramp up its CSR strategy with, in particular, the launch of two new structuring projects: the completion of a group carbon footprint with a view to establishing a « net zero » strategy and a reflection on the purpose of Apsys, a genuine tool for transformation and strategic guidance.