avril 5, 2022


Two years after hosting the giant Planet Earth by British artist Luke Jerram, Beaugrenelle, the Parisian flagship of Apsys, is once again creating an event that combines art and environmental awareness. For this new event, William Amor, a visual artist and « ennobler of neglected materials » as he likes to define himself, will take over the spectacular Atrium of Beaugrenelle.

After collecting more than 10,000 plastic bottles, thanks to the participation of customers, residents, retailers and partners of Beaugrenelle, William Amor has created a suspension-cascade of a hundred vines decorated with thousands of flowers messengers. Called « Les Bouteilles à la Mer – Jardin Poétique », the monumental work symbolizes pollution and the impact of Man on his environment, but also the hope of a world free of pollution.

Through this continuous approach initiated at the outset, Apsys promotes artistic creation and allows the greatest number of people to access art and culture. The exhibition is fully in line with the CSR strategy of Apsys and its Parisian flasghip, a committed local player, and with their long shared artistic tradition. The work will be exhibited at Muse (Metz) and Rives de l’Orne (Caen), two Apsys sites that are also very committed to the environment and society.

To go further and make this collaborative exhibition a solidarity and educational project, a Message Tree was created with a hundred messages of hope inserted inside the bottles handed in by participants in the collection. Also exhibited at Beaugrenelle, this message tree will be auctioned in a solidarity sale. Finally, an interactive and educational exhibition on the theme of plastic and its recycling allows the general public to learn more about the creation of plastic bottles, their impact on nature and their recycling.

The exhibition is visible until June 30, 2022.