mars 24, 2022


Apsys has teamed up with Y-Nove, an association incubator, to co-construct the Neyrpic urban project, a future living and sharing space located in Saint-Martin d’Hères (Grenoble Alpes Métropole).

As part of its approach to local roots and synergy with Grenoble’s associative ecosystem, Apsys was keen to dialogue with local players in order to build a tailor-made project that was truly adapted to the expectations of the public and the area. To this end, Apsys called on Y-Nove, an « associative incubator » and a recognized local player in the Grenoble area, whose mission is to support projects and experiments in favor of youth by involving young people directly. The approach aims to better understand the expectations of associations and to co-construct the project with a dozen partner associations around key themes such as youth, culture, urban ecology, SSE and employment.

A concrete action resulting from this collaborative approach was the realization by 17 young people in integration, supervised by several structures, of a survey on the perception of commercial spaces by young people aged 15 to 30.

To meet this challenge, the project group was accompanied by several experts:

  • The communication agency « Voix publique » trained the young people in mediation,
  • Sociologist Olivier Gratacap from the Jeudevi laboratory helped them process and analyze the data,
  • News Radio trained them to make micro-trotters and welcomed them for a live feedback program,
  • Y-Nove and the integration structures piloted and supervised the whole process, a real human adventure for the young people and their supervisors!

After 4 days of training and 5 days in the field, the young people collected and analyzed the answers of more than 600 young people between 15 and 30 years old.

The main findings of this study :

  • 72% of the young people surveyed feel comfortable or very comfortable in commercial spaces
  • 71% come to shop, 39% to eat, 37% to meet friends
  • 49% come with friends
  • In terms of facilities, their expectations are mainly for theaters / concerts / movies (45%), relaxation areas (34%), cultural activities (34%) or sports (33%).
  • In terms of services, they are looking for youth discounts (66%), job and internship offers (57%) and, to a lesser extent, regular events (29%)

« We are delighted with the co-construction work carried out with Y-Nove and the partner associations and structures. This approach is fully in line with the 3 axes of Apsys’ CSR strategy, which aims to co-construct the resilient city, promote local economic development and inclusion, and encourage a dynamic of change among our stakeholders, » says Eléonore Villanueva, Apsys’ Marketing, Communication and CSR Director.