février 15, 2022


During the « Silent Hours », the lighting in the centers is reduced, the background music is turned down and the cleaning equipment cannot be used, in order to allow people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or misophonia to benefit from a visit experience adapted to their needs.

Initially tested in four centers (Beaugrenelle Paris, Les Rives de l’Orne (Caen), L’Heure Tranquille (Tours) and Eden (Servon)), the system was very positively received by associations of people with ASD and visitors, and was thus extended to all Apsys assets. More than 80% of the center’s brands have already signed up to this initiative, in order to contribute collectively to this inclusive and supportive action. The time slots concerned, as well as the list of participating stores, are available on the websites of each center.

The implementation of the « Silent Hours » is the concrete result of the signing of the CNCC Charter « Silent hours, shopping centers serving an inclusive society » with the associations concerned and is also fully in line with Apsys’ CSR strategy, which aims to promote inclusion.

« We are pleased and proud, along with the Apsys teams, to deploy this initiative throughout our network and hope that it will become widespread, » said Stéphane Briosne, Director of Beaugrenelle Paris and Director of the Apsys network of centers.

« Inclusion is one of the key areas of Apsys’ CSR strategy. Our teams have long been sensitive to the issue of welcoming people with ASD. Starting in 2019, Apsys Polska has set up a comprehensive program, « Spektrum Zrozumienia », which aims to make retail spaces more accessible to people with ASD, thanks to the implementation of adapted services and training and awareness-raising actions carried out both with center and store staff and visitors, » adds Eléonore Villanueva, Marketing, Communication and CSR Director.