décembre 6, 2021


In keeping with the spirit of the project, which sets demanding environmental objectives and in particular favors the reuse of materials from the site, it was on a wall of gabions that Maurice Bansay, Founding President of Apsys, David Queiros, Mayor of Saint-Martin-d’Hères, Christophe Ferrari, President of Grenoble Alpes Métropole, and Jean-Pierre Barbier, President of the Isère Department and Territoires 38, accompanied by Edouard François, Founding President of the Maison Edouard François, Architect of the operation, and Clément Guihot, Operation Director at Apsys, kicked off the project.

Neyrpic will provide the city of Saint-Martin-d’Hères with a new place to live and share on the site of the former Neyrpic factories, which it will revitalize thanks in particular to an architecture that is both respectful and creative, designed by the Maison Edouard François. Generous and innovative, Neyrpic will combine leisure and sports, cafés and restaurants, shops and services, public spaces for exchange and creation, events and activities. Responsible and virtuous, at the forefront of energy efficiency, the return of nature to the city and soft mobility, Neyrpic will also be a strong vector of economic development for the metropolitan area. This totally private investment of €250 million will create or maintain 2,100 jobs between the construction and operation phases. Neyrpic is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2023.

« Neyrpic is a project that is very close to our hearts, as it embodies our vision of the city, of living spaces, and of the social and societal role of commerce in the broadest sense. We have designed it as an innovative and responsible place to live and interact, combining urban added value, generous programming and high environmental quality, » says Maurice Bansay, Chairman and founder of Apsys, the developer of the project. of Apsys, developer, investor and future manager of Neyrpic.