septembre 27, 2021


Jean-Philippe Carrascosa will work closely with the finance departments of the two countries where Apsys operates (France and Poland), and will support the teams in all matters of high financial importance. He will be in charge of project and asset financing, strategic partnerships, investor relations and financial communication; he will also participate in acquisitions and arbitrations. Jean-Philippe Carrascosa will report to Fabrice Bansay, Group CEO, and will sit on the Group Comex alongside Maurice Bansay, founding Chairman, Fabrice BANSAY and the CEOs of France and Poland.

« We are delighted with this strategic arrival for the Group. With his expertise in real estate financing and financial engineering, Jean-Philippe CARRASCOSA will be a key asset for the implementation of APSYS’ ambitious business plan, » said Maurice BANSAY, Chairman and Founder, and Fabrice BANSAY, Group Managing Director.

After starting his career at the Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes and at Locindus, Jean-Philippe CARRASCOSA joined the ICADE Group and held leading financial positions for nearly 15 years before being appointed Corporate and Finance Director (as of 2015). Jean-Philippe CARRASCOSA, 47 years old, is an actuary by training and graduated from ISFA (Institut des Sciences Financières et d’Assurances) in Lyon.