juillet 27, 2021


A few months after its Grand Opening, Steel was awarded the « Janus du Commerce », a coveted label sponsored by the French Minister of Industry and awarded by the French Institute of Design. This project, of exceptional scope, has the major characteristic of requalifying a degraded site trough a new urban signature. The jurors particularly appreciated the boldness of the architectural project designed by SUD Architects, the integration into the landscape of an elegant building thanks to its stylized roof and its lacy aluminum mesh designed by Studio Briand & Berthereau, and the generous vegetation (based on local species), the quality of the cooperation between the architect and the designer (which creates a coherent continuity between the exterior and interior interfaces), the local anchoring of the project whose design was based on the historical values of Saint-Etienne and, finally, the appropriation of the site by the people of Saint-Etienne. Strong marker of the project, its over-roof mantilla, directly inspired by the history and topography of this city of seven hills, was the subject of a well-thought-out eco-design approach (choice of aluminum, a light and recyclable material; production of the panels by a local company; optimization of the logistics chain, from design to assembly).

Real source of pride for Apsys, the city of Saint-Etienne and its inhabitants, who have happily appropriated the site, this award is the culmination of fruitful teamwork between the public players, the Apsys project owner, and the project management team led by SUD Architects, all of them sharing the same ambition for excellence.

« We are committed to making Steel a showcase for Saint-Etienne’s creativity, a reference for urban redevelopment, a generous and creative place to live, and a « flagship » for physical commerce. Steel is proof that a city entrance project can be very virtuous and have high added value, » says Eléonore Villanueva, Marketing Director, Communication and RSE, at Apsys

We have focused on designing a project based on the founding themes of Saint-Etienne (know-how, innovation, creativity) and which sublimates both the constraints of the site (declivity, visibility from the highway) and its assets (landscapes and surrounding hills, proximity to the Pilat Park). We are pleased and proud that the jury appreciated this ambitious architectural and design approach, » said Yannick Pascal, Managing Director of Sud Architects.

We are delighted with this award, which crowns a real team effort, a real technical challenge and a great human adventure. Our objective was to resonate with the architecture of Steel, but also with the city of Saint-Etienne, to participate in the strong identity of the project and to contribute with our sensitivity and our know-how to this achievement. Technical feat, the mantilla is no less poetic; through its movements, its flashes, its design, it brings a unique richness and poetry to the project, » says Arnaud Berthereau, one of the two founders of Studio Briand & Berthereau.