mai 12, 2021


Introduced by the Law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future of 5 September 2018, the gender equality index measures progress in gender equality every year, by consolidating various indicators, depending on the size of the company (pay gaps between women and men, gaps in individual increases between women and men…). The index is 59 for Apsys for the year 2020, a strong increase compared to 2019. The points obtained on the various indicators that make up the index are as follows: pay gap: 19 points/40; individual increase gap: 35 points/35; percentage of employees receiving an increase on return from maternity leave: 0 points/15; indicator of the ten highest salaries: 5 points/10. As gender equality is an important part of the company’s HR and CSR policy, we will continue to make progress in 2021!