janvier 22, 2021


A virtuous operation to rebuild the city on the city, Steel has particularly distinguished itself in terms of waste treatment, energy management and in terms of landscape and biodiversity.

Steel is being developed on 160,000 m² of brownfield land (decontaminated and de-primed) and is developing 35,000 m² of planted areas (≈25% of the land). Strong measures have been taken to limit energy consumption (reinforced insulation, 100% LED lighting in common areas, 100% green energy supply to common areas), a proactive approach with tenants to get them to adhere to these objectives and careful water management (thanks, for example, to the choice of species adapted to the climate that do not require automatic watering).

These performances will be continued in operation thanks to the centralised management of water and energy consumption. Particular attention is paid to waste sorting with the installation of a sorting room that also collects bio-waste and the reuse of 50% of the aggregates produced on the site.

Steel is also applying for the Biodivercity label (currently in the process of being awarded).

The BREEAM Official certification is part of our ambitious CSR strategy articulated 3 pillars:
1. Co-building the resilient city
2. Fostering inclusion and local economic development
3. Driving a dynamic of change among all our stakeholders.