novembre 30, 2020


To celebrate the reopening of so-called non-essential shops on Saturday, November 28, Steel and the downtown merchants’ association, Sainté Shopping, ran a joint campaign in the pages of Le Progrès, the major local newspaper. This campaign, graciously designed by Altavia Aura (the agency that orchestrated the pre-launch and launch of Steel), is a simple and vibrant manifesto for physical commerce as a whole and for all the merchants who bring it to life, in the streets of our city centers and in shopping malls!

« In Saint-Étienne, our strength, our culture: it’s solidarity. Attractiveness is a whole that must allow the entire territory to progress. In the city center, commerce is friendly, warm, local and the shopping centers are the complement. The important thing is that everyone finds what they are looking for in the region. The more choice we have, the less we go elsewhere and on the Internet. After the context that we have experienced for the past two years, it is essential to work together in a complementary manner to make up for lost time and offer the widest possible range of services to everyone.  » explains Rémi Boute, President of the association Sainté-Shopping.

« More than ever, we must combine our strengths, our commonalities and our differences, to always better welcome our customers, and continue to cultivate what makes the salt of our business: the link, proximity and experience. In the future, physical commerce will have to be ever more experiential, and we, as retailers, will have to be ever more united! This is what we wanted to symbolize in this campaign imagined jointly and produced by the Altavia Aura Agency, » says Josselin Durand, Director of Steel.