septembre 29, 2020


Since its creation in 1996, Apsys has been committed to developing real estate projects that meet societal and environmental requirements, a guarantee of resilience and therefore value creation for all. Its latest opus, Steel, which opened its doors on September 16, 2020 in Saint-Étienne, is fully in line with the virtuous logic of rebuilding the city from the ground up, transforming a polluted wasteland into a living space that is carefully architected, richly landscaped and resolutely responsible. For its part, Beaugrenelle Paris, the group’s flagship company, has joined forces with the urban farmers of Wesh Grow to create a 4,000 sqm space on its rooftop dedicated to aromatics and cultivated in total permaculture, without chemicals or pesticides.
Apsys has structured and deployed its new CSR strategy. An analysis, carried out with an independent external firm (Bopro), has identified 11 priority material issues, among which, in particular, low carbon construction; urban mix; mobility and accessibility; waste; and circular economy. Therefore, Apsys has structured a CSR strategic vision, articulated around three main pillars: co-constructing the resilient city; promoting inclusion and local economic development; driving a dynamic of change among all our stakeholders —visitors, tenants, partners, employees…

« The future structuring and operational deployment of our CSR strategy will enable us to support the transformation of cities and regions even more effectively and increase the beneficial impact of our projects and assets on their communities and stakeholders »

said Fabrice Bansay, Group Chief Executive Officer.