juin 22, 2020


The Administrative Court of Grenoble rejected, on June 18th 2020, the suspension demand against Neyrpic on the grounds that the applicants did not provide sufficient motives to request the cancellation of the building permit granted on May 3rd 2018. Thanks to its new legal victory which once again strengthens the Neyrpic project, Apsys, specialist in complex urban operations, will be able to continue with its project implementation schedule, following the acquisition of land from the old factories (which had been shut down for several decades) in December 2019. In addition, it should be noted that, contrary to the allegations of opponents, the preparatory work carried out was carried out in compliance with the regulations on soil pollution and does not present any risk to the health of Martinérois. This unjustified relentlessness of the opponents further justifies the abusive recourse proceedings initiated against them.

« All the court decisions rendered to date have been favorable to Neyrpic and unfavorable to opponents: their unbearable relentlessness deprives the municipality of Saint-Martin-d’Hères, its inhabitants, its students, its users, of a place to live and share that could have been achieved several years ago ”declares Maurice Bansay, Founding Chairman of Apsys.

Ambitious, virtuous and useful project to requalify the former Neyrpic factories located in the heart of Saint-Martin d’Hères, Neyrpic aims to provide the municipality with attractive living, leisure and sharing spaces and to contribute to its economic development, while respecting the great metropolitan balances, the history of the old factories and the requirements of ecological transition. The project create or maintain 2,100 jobs (construction and operation phases). A significant part of the work will be entrusted to local and regional companies: a charter was signed in this regard with the French Building Federation of Isère in 2016. Designed to complement the existing offer in the urban area and strictly framed by a tripartite memorandum of understanding concluded between the city, the Métropole and Apsys, Neyrpic’s commercial programming gives pride of place to leisure, catering and new uses. The architect of the project, Maison Edouard François, has developed an architecture that is both creative and respectful of the historical memory of the site. Exemplary in terms of sustainable development, the project aims to be at the forefront of energy efficiency (connection to the district heating network, photovoltaic panels for self-consumption, etc.), soft mobility (service to the site by 2 tram lines and large bicycle park) and the reintegration of nature into the city (green facades, planting trees in the ground, etc.).