mai 6, 2020


Domestic violence can be exacerbated by this quarantine time. To deal with this phenomenon and help out the victims, the French State Secretary for Equality between Women and Men encouraged the creation of listening points in pharmacies, supermarkets, shopping centers and other places that are still welcoming people during this quarantine. Muse answered this call !

Specialized associations, the Information Center on the Rights of Women and Families (CIDFF) and Inform’elles, thus will welcome victims of domestic violence in Muse (in a dedicated room, located near the Carrefour supermarket). Beyond a sympathetic listening, the victims will also be able to talk to lawyers and psychologists, and volunteers that will inform them about their rights, the procedures available to them and the structures that can take charge. Meeting points will take place throughout May (Mondays from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., except May 21) and could be extended beyond this period.

Find the report devoted to this initiative by the French television channel France 3: JT 12/13 Lorraine of May 5, 2020 from 21’’38

More informations on the Muse website

French useful numbers and links :

Listening and information number for women victims of violence : 3919

Emergency police : 17 or 112

By SMS : 114

Portal for online reporting of violence : or

« Don’t hit anymore » (+33 801 901 911) hotline for perpetrators of violence to avoid taking action or reoffending

CDIFF 57 : +33 3 87 76 03 48

Informal : +33 3 87 35 05 64