mai 22, 2019


In Manufaktura, a great modernization is just beginning! It is an exceptional investment in many aspects, preceded by specialist consumer research on their current preferences. Based on them, those spectacular changes in the arrangement of space have been planned, choosing the latest generation solutions in line with the global trends in the retail industry. Although, the modernization will cover the entire building, the Shopping Centre will function without interruption during the entire 17-months period of planned works. The main inspiration for the project was the textile history of Łódź, but also the genius loci of Manufaktura and its role for the city. Deep knowledge of the city, its culture and history helped us to design a strong contextual project. The ultimate effect is a subtle mix of modern, industrial and sophisticated atmosphere.

What will change in Manufaktura?

After 17 months of work, the building of Manufaktura will look different than today. The changes will be visible at the main entrance from the market side. The vestibule will disappear, and the revolving door, more ergonomic and better thermal properties of the building will appear in the place of automatic doors. The new floor at the main entrance will be a continuation of the surface paving system. Wooden floors that delighted the first visitors in 2006 will undergo a thorough renovation. In line with the current trends, the front of the shopping center building has been designed in shades of gray and will refer to the industrial character of this place.

New technologies could not be missed in the place that sets new standards. The lighting system will be replaced almost completely. The biggest changes will take place in the restaurant area. Due to the huge skylight mounted in the roof structure, the space will be significantly brighten with daylight. The air-conditioning and ventilation system will also be replaced, which will significantly increase the comfort. The friendly atmosphere will be also provided by natural greenery. Additionally, in restaurant zone there will be a place dedicated family and small children. Moreover, thanks to investment 1000 sqm GLA will be arise where new brands will find its place.

Of course, the modernization of Manufaktura will be accompanied by a special information campaign as unique as the planned investment. Extremely original, attractive for customers who – without feeling the burden of work – will be able to follow them, find out how their favorite place will look like. Everything, as always in Manufaktura will be perfectly prepared and framed.