novembre 15, 2017

Bordeaux Saint-Jean, the Apsys’ new iconic operation.

Located in the most trendy city in the world (according to the Lonely Planet 2017 rating), Bordeaux Saint-Jean creates a new urban ideal, nearby to the eponyme train station: a mutlifaceted, inclusive and animated neighbourhood connecting functions (living, working, sharing, shopping) and anticipates new uses. Designed by Maison Edouard François, the project’s architecture, both audacious et respectful, spreads a strong and fruitful gesture : the creation of a meridian linking the train station to the Garonne and leading to a somptuous building-landscape along the Garonne’s side which extends the docks experience and welcomes the Cité of sport, health and well-being. On each side of the meridian, a new open sky ecosystem, composed of several ilots and totaly integrated to the city will opens up. Place of encounters , exchanges and intermixing, Bordeaux Saint-Jean will be, from 2022, the new iconic Bordeaux’s adress.

Surface area : 88 000 SQM (housing, offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, leisures and proximity services).