septembre 28, 2017

Laying of Steel’s first stone

The first Steel‘s stone has been layed on Wednesday, Septembre 27th in Saint-Etienne, in attendance of Jack Arthaud (Chief Executive of Saint-Etienne’s Public Development Establishment), Evence Richard (Loire’s Prefect), Marc Chavanne (Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds’ Mayor), Maurice Bansay (Apsys’ Chairman) and Gaël Perdriau (Saint Etienne’s Mayor and Saint-Etienne Metropole’s Chairman) (from the left to the right on the picture). Works of this gateway to the city’s operation, with 70 000 GLA SQM, just beggin for the purpose of an opening in 2019.

Reflecting the creativity of Saint-Etienne, member of the creative and design city Unesco network, Steel will be a gateaway to the city concept referent on a urban and commercial plan thanks to : a urban conception model, a spectacular architecture and desig (made by SUD, Atelier Rivat and Studio Joran Briand), a very generous landscaping (made by BASE), a powerful commercial program, structured around attractive brands, a mixed offer of restaurants and leisures, a fun customer experience and a demanding sustainable development approach. Steel will be a new « Steel » of life !