septembre 15, 2017

« Panoramas » : Felice Varini shows in Beaugrenelle

From Septembre 14th to October 22nd, Felice Varini presents his exhibition « Panoramas » in Beaugrenelle. He specially created it for the parisian shopping centre.

Transforming Beaugrenelle Paris in a monumental piece of art where painting and architecture merge. A unique project made for a large public allowing to meet the « today’s Art » in a pleasure and sharing spirit. Those are ambitions of this news exhibition at Beaugrenelle.

Museums, apartments, street corners, public spaces, closed spaces, opened spaces… Since the beggining of the 1980’s, Felice Varini explores every pictorials and artistics potentialities of different places he takes action on. Varini paints in space and builds geometrics shapes related to the architecture; he projects shapes which reveale their coherence or explode in a myriade of colored pieces depending on each point of vue. His practice, codified and free at the same time, allows him to continually reinvente himself.

Sensitive to his contemporary and accesive to most of people approach, Beaugrenelle Paris wanted to invite the artist to operate in its heart; a challenge for Varini who will do it for the first time in this type of space. During several monthes, interacting with the centre’s teams and exhibitions commissioners, the artist developped a project boldly using specifites of the Beaugrenelle‘s  architecture and favorising active participation of the public. This global project is articulated around two huges compositions – one in the atrium and the other in the walkway – and a pictured presentation retracing his path, explaining different aspects of his approach.