janvier 10, 2017

Many succeses for Apsys Polska

Apsys Polska consolidates its leader position in management in Poland, thanks to the winning of two new mandates. Its property access arrives now at 24 shopping centers, for an area close to the million of GLA SQM (980 000 SQM), which is the equivalent of 10% of all shopping centers in Poland. The company Rockcastle Poland, Platan’s owner, developped and managed by Apsys, renews his faith to Apsys Polska. They confide the lease and estate managment of two new assets : Focus Mall in Piotrków Trybunalski in Lodz’ area (35 000 SQM, 110 shops and a movie theatre) and Focus Park in Ziolon Góra, in Lubusz’ area (26 800 SQM, 110 shops, 10 restaurants and a movie theatre). Simultanouesly, Posnania, new iconic asset of Apsys Polska, keeps suceeding and just reachs 3 millions visitors!