mai 17, 2016


For the last 10 years Manufaktura has been considered the symbol and one of the most popular places in Lodz, Poland. Since its opening in 2006 Manufatura welcomed 200 millions of visitors!

Manufaktura blends the textile tradition of Lodz with the modernity of multi-functional space of retail-cultural-entertaining center. The place came to existence inside the former textile empire of Israel Poznanski in the year 2006, and it immediately won the hearts of the local inhabitants, as well as thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Manufaktura is organised around Rynek, a delightful, huge square surrounded by original, postindustrial housing development made of red bricks which naturally leads visitors to its shopping, cultural and leisure places: 300 shops, services and restaurants, a theatre, 3 museums, a hotel…

Since the moment of its opening, Manufaktura has served not only as a mall, but has also been an important culture and entertainment center in Lodz: more than 1500 event took place there! Hundreds of concerts and artists from all over the world. Since many years, in summer, the regional qualifications of Beach Volley Polish championships “Plaża Open” have been organized here.

Since its opening, Manufaktura has been awarded by professional realtors and received the award for Best Retail and Best Overall Development in 2006. Manufaktura success only kept increasing since then and in the last ten years, Manufaktura received more than 20 prizes.