août 20, 2015


For an as-yet-unknown reason a fire broke out during the night of 19/20 august around 2.30 am in the fourth span of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie (currently vacant) that hosts Vill’Up worksite, scheduled to open this fall.

The fire that has been extinguished around 9.30 am thanks to 120 firefighters started on the upper floors of the site.

Several floors have been affected by of the fire and the running-down waters to stop the fire.

Damages are estimating at the moment as well as the impact on the Vill’Up opening.

Except two firefighters lightly affected, nobody has been injured.

Investigations are in progress to determine precisely the causes of the fire.

« We are really affected by this issue as the project is really important to us. We are setting every human and technical means to open this emblematic project in the best times”, said Maurice Bansay, Founder and CEO of Apsys., indique Maurice Bansay, PDG fondateur d’Apsys.